Madge, aged 90

100th ANNIVERSARY - April 11th 2008


(E. Margaret Wheeler)

b. 11th April 1908
d. 21st April 2002


Madge - short biography

Madge's children:

Mike Charles Michael Wheeler
Val Valerie Margaret Wheeler
Peg Margaret Phyllis Rylatt
Sniz Denise Rosemary Wheeler
Mart Martin Stuart Wheeler
Penny Penelope Jane Wheeler


more about Madge:
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selected texts by Madge:
[ Guardian reprint - Grandma (1964) ]
[ Reminiscences to Sheila (1981) ] [ Letter to G.B.S. (July 1946) ] [ Letter to G.B.S. (Aug. 1946) ]

Margaret's complete literary output throughout the whole of her life is currently being edited for publication, both digitally (in TEI-encoded format), and in conventional (i.e. printed book) form.
Serious enquiries from interested publishers should be sent via e-mail in the first instance.
Editors wishing to commission material on Margaret are welcomed, although journalists and free-lance media "researchers" after no more than free material for a story for their own financial gain will be politely turned away.

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February 2000
to accompany the Channel4 TV social history documentary film series A Family Century

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